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These certainly are uncharted and turbulent times we face, none of us have witnessed such a threat in our lifetime? It has the ramification to have a serious effect on the healthcare of us all, but also on the economic state of each and every household.

Many will comment on the all too real threat to life, this is sadly a reality and it would appear in some cases unavoidable? However, it is also right to highlight the economic fate of many small, fledgling and partisan business set up in the past three years. The government have made great gestures to assist the established businesses and the employed, although for the newly formed business are somewhat left to their own devices?

So what can we do? what is right and what is deemed acceptable? It can be a at The Oakmoor Hare we are self distanced, fortunate to live and work in an isolated area and committed to continue to work whilst we are fit and healthy to do so. Personally it feels like or duty to do just that? In this nightmare it is clear that no one can offer the financial assistance we so dearly need. With this in mind we will continue to market our wonderful finished products, continue to work hard on future products and build a fabulous portfolio of furniture we can offer our clients.

We are small and therefore as a business are not restrained from cumbersome process, we are flexible to suit the needs of our clients. This means we can reserve and store furniture should you see something you like, only once it within the 'rules' will we arrange delivery or pick ups?

So if you are on our site, see something you like and wish to make a reserve payment, please don't hesitate to make contact.

The Oakmoor Hare wish everyone good health, keep safe - Remember 'Stay at Home' 'Protect the NHS' and 'Save Lives'

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