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It's a small world...

Sometimes I wonder if I should take The Oakmoor Hare further by establishing a shop, perhaps located in a quaint market town? My idea would be to create a shop which showcases my furniture, allows me to sell attractive items such as unique throw's, cushions, vintage pots and other individual items which you may not see in 'normal' furniture retailers.

It's firmly in the business plan and as The Oakmoor Hare grows I will undoubtedly create 'The Shop' I this space! In the meantime I am increasingly reminded that this really is a small world! My on line presence with my website; alongside my Instagram & Facebook pages (Linked through my website) and not forgetting my highly successful Etsy Shop; all combine to enable me to reach a much wider audience. Perhaps significantly wider than the passing trade one might see if sat residing over a stylish shop in a quaint market town??

I have sold my furniture to fabulous customers located as far afield as South Wales to West Yorkshire to Manchester, Plymouth and London - fantastic! I love the fact that my work graces houses across the whole of the UK! However, recently my little business excitingly showed the propensity to become an international trader - visions of Del Boy's van immediately spring to mind! - Reason being I have been approached by a customer based in Brooklyn, NYC, showing interest in one piece and discussing their desire for a commissioned piece. Who knew The Oakmoor Hare would crack the States in our businesses infancy? So exciting and just goes to prove..."it's a small world!"

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