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"It's Christmas Time...."

The wreath's on the door, the tree is up and this year, with the warning; "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas!" still ringing in our ears we decided to appease the constant appeals from our daughters, relented and introduced a new fluff ball with teeth to the household!

It is a magical time of year, time spent with the family near and far. I also think its a fabulous time to look at treating yourself to a spruce up in the home? Looking at that trusted piece of furniture which would look so much better with a bit of tender loving care...What drove this thought was when we put our tree up. We moved furniture around to make the room more Feng Shui?! "That side board looks better there, but if we move it there it would look fantastic if I painted it to match the cupboard?" - that sort of thing...

So if you feel that your room needs something to spark a new lease of life, move a few things around, be brave and then wonder if a change is as good as a rest? Sometimes adding that special piece of furniture or revitalising and old favourite can be all the change you need?

And if you do....don't forget to take a look at we might be able to help with that! :)

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