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Something New for Alresford...

30 Broad Street is now the home of The Oakmoor Hare! We opened in June this year and have already received some fantastic feedback from the lovely people who live in and also visit the beautiful market town of Alresford.

When we look back over the timeline of our blogs it is absolutely amazing to chart the rise of The Oakmoor Hare brand and how we have grown from working in our boot room to owning a shop in Broad Street, the bustling heart of New Alresford.

The ethos behind The Oakmoor Hare is the renovation of vintage and unique furniture pieces, transforming these wonderful items so that they compliment and enhance the look within the modern home. By expanding into our own retail space we are now free to showcase our flair for interior design and offer homeware and furnishings which we believe compliment the furniture we produce.

We offer a carefully curated blend of new and unique products with some very old and often quite rare and individual items, ranging from new lamps and shades to ancient Turkish pots (just look at the crowd puller we have displayed in our window!) to wonderfully aged Indian Paratha bowls. We firmly believe that with help from The Oakmoor Hare you can show case a home and interior whereby your guests will gasp and complement you on owning such a fabulous and unique look.

In addition to our furniture and carefully selected interior homeware items we are also hugely proud to be able to showcase products which have been created by selected local businesses. We offer unique and beautiful screen printed quotes on French linen to stunning flowers, plants and herbs from local suppliers such as 'Claudia & B' ensuring local business remains in the spotlight - something we hold dear.

So why not pop in and say hi? undoubtedly your first comment will be "wow, it smells so nice in here?" - that will be our fabulous range of organic, essential oil products we are proud to exclusively showcase from 'Ela Life' including; candles, diffusers, humidifiers, soaps, creams and essential oils - 100% organic and simply stunning!

Hopefully we can further enhance the shopping experience of visiting New Alresford and all the fantastic, unique and diverse shops this beautiful town of ours can now boast and showcase. We look forward to greeting you and allowing us to show off some of our beautiful 'furniture & more' see you soon!

Kim x

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