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The Benefits of the '10 Step Commute'

As the country limps towards a possible solution to the Covid-19 pandemic with the various vaccination solutions, the interesting hangover from the lockdown(s) has to be; home/work life balance.

We took the decision of creating a workspace at home just before all this craziness began. Upon reflection, one of the best decisions taken in our amazing journey to date! Appreciating the fact that not everyone is blessed to have the space and capabilities to create a home studio, we cannot stress enough the positive impact this has had on The Oakmoor Hare.

The benefits of creating a healthy work/life balance through now literally having a '10 Step Commute' is immeasurable. Not only are we able to manage time effectively, we truly appreciate the beautiful place we live in, have time for life's mundane chores (admin!) but most importantly; working hours fit around life, not vice versa!

This again has a myriad of benefits but one of the most vital being the increased amount of work we are able to tackle at any given time. We have found that we have 4 sometimes 5 ongoing projects in progress. We are able to offer quicker turnaround times for our clients and seem to effortlessly manage our output...well maybe, sometimes, on reflection - it can be 'all go' when up to ones arms in sanding, painting and finishing!

So what we are effectively saying is that despite these troubled, socially distanced and regionally tiered times, The Oakmoor Hare - Furniture Renovation is fabulously, fortunately and firmly open for business! Please don't hesitate to contact us in anything furniture renovation, interior design and inspiration?!

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