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Is it "One Giant Leap?"

Change is good right? It's time to move things forward, expand if you will. But how am I to do it, how do I mitigate the risk? Am I running the risk of taking on too much or should I curb my dreams for fearing a costly failure? I find myself questioning do I go for it and move into what I dream my business can become or do I play it safe?

We have visited a number of potential new premises as we have out grown our current surroundings. One thing I have decided is that a 'crinkly tin' business park is not what feels right for our brand. So the front runner at this stage feels right, looks right and gives that warm fuzzy feeling in the stomach - so that has to be the right decision doesn't it?

We have the chance to move our business to bigger premises, create a 'shop' and do it in a picturesque farm, situated in a beautiful valley in the rolling hills of Hampshire. Sounds idyllic huh! We would be joining someone who has a vision of creating a rural community of artisan businesses in the 'Health and Well-being' space. Someone who has researched and taken steps through gaining Grants to assist create the space, is in the process of refurbishing and already has one tenant on board, now appears to be the time to 'go for it!'

In typing this I think I have answered my own question, galvanised my thoughts and have developed an excitement about what can be. I think I am saying, watch this space....

....Expansion might sometimes seem a small step for a business to take, but for me this decision is one giant leap! An exciting giant leap none the less!

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